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Square Buzz: the fastest-growing new alternative investor membership network, where private equity investors and private credit lenders meet industry’s top decision-makers for business success.

“Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety.” – M.K. Gandhi

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Explore the Power of Our Exclusive Alternative Investor Network

Welcome to the Square Buzz, the exclusive alternative investor network that opens doors to the investors at the best private equity firms, venture capital firms, family offices, endowments, foundations, and institutional asset managers active in Direct Investments and Co-Investments.

Our alternative investors network offers unique features like firm search, investor search by industry, geography, or area of focus, one-on-one meeting scheduling, and private chat functions to confidentially connect investors with each other. 

If you are a private markets investor, or private credit lender, involved in direct investments, we invite you to apply for our service and see if you qualify to collaborate with the family of investors in our exclusive network.

Exclusive investor Network

Join our Exclusive Investor Network today and unlock a world of exceptional investment possibilities. Forge valuable connections, and navigate the investment landscape with confidence.


Selection of Experts

Upload your profile and search for investment firms active in direct investments through our confidential investor network.

Investor Networker

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Communicate & Connect

A once-off subscription enables individual search, private connection, discrete chat, and meeting scheduling.

Opportunity Seeker

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Investment Opportunity

Senior Investment leaders can discretely explore unique investment opportunities in private markets.

Network of private markets participants

Targeted Industry Focus

Connect with like-minded investors and collaborate on unique opportunities within your industry, areas of interest, and selected geographies.

Network of private markets participants

Exclusive Thought Leadership

Access exclusive thought leadership, industry insights, and expert perspectives. Stay informed about emerging trends and innovative strategies.

Network of private markets participants

Dynamic Networking Platform

Build valuable connections with other investors and potential collaborators. Expand your professional network and gain insights.

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Network of private markets participants

Secure and Confidential​

Your privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities, allowing you to network and explore investment opportunities with peace of mind.

Network of private markets participants

Curated Investment Opportunities

Our Opportunity Seeker members can explore a diverse range of private market deals that align with your investment preferences and risk appetite.

Network of private markets participants

Investor Events & Resources

Gain valuable knowledge, sharpen your investment skills, and stay ahead of the curve.

Seamlessly Connect and Collaborate with the Right Investors*

*Only professional investors and lenders who choose to display their profiles will be visible to other investors. Investors can toggle between their profile being visible or being invisible to other members AT ANY TIME.

Image of various investor profiles active on the Square Buzz Elite Investor Network platform
These are not actual results: The outputs of our search function depends on the visibility selection of individual investors.
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