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Looking for potential collaborators, mentors, or investment partners? Explore the Directory of Square Buzz Member firms to unlock exclusive insights and opportunities. 

To delve deeper and uncover essential details about your potential connections, simply register and apply to become an Explorer member of Square Buzz.  We aim to do our background checks within 14 days, but approvals might take a bit longer. Please be patient; it will all be worthwhile.

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Update Your Profile

You have the option to remain completely anonymous on our platform, but to make the most of your Square Buzz experience, consider enhancing your profile. Click on the EDIT PROFILE button.

By providing more information about your professional background, investment interests, and geographic focus, you can:

Increase Visibility: A well-crafted profile can attract co-investors and potential partners who share your goals and interests. Let others know who you are and what you bring to the table.

Personalised Recommendations: When your profile is complete, we can provide you with tailored investment opportunities and connections that align with your preferences.
Foster Trust and Credibility: A comprehensive profile helps build trust among your peers and fellow investors, showing that you’re committed to transparency and collaboration.
Maximise Mentorship Potential: If you’re seeking mentorship or looking to become a mentor, a detailed profile helps match you with the right individuals who can benefit from your guidance.
Stay Informed: Completing your profile ensures that you’re part of our thriving investment community. You will receive more relevant updates and valuable insights that can shape your investment decisions.
Remember, the more you put into your Square Buzz profile, the more you’re likely to get out of it. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise, connect with the right people, and take your investment journey to new heights. 

The more information you provide, the more finely-tailored your opportunity offerings can become. Your profile serves as the gateway to more precise and relevant opportunities and connections.

Your Privacy Matters:

Rest assured, your privacy is our priority. We do not sell or disclose any information from this membership network outside of the secure Square Buzz environment. Your data is protected within our digital walls.

When you join Square Buzz, your individual visibility in searches is entirely within your control. You have the power to decide whether you want to be visible or not. It’s your platform, and it’s your choices.

Toggle the search visibility button ON to display your individual profile when you’re in allocation mode, or slip away and toggle visibility OFF when you are not open to new opportunities.

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We respect your privacy and understand that controlling your online presence is essential. 

So, whether you’re eager to connect with others or prefer a more discreet approach, you can tailor your visibility settings according to your preferences. Your journey with Square Buzz is guided by your comfort and choice.

Search and Find other Investors

In the ever-evolving landscape of investment opportunities, the ability to connect and collaborate with like-minded investors is invaluable. To search, you can use our Quick Search by typing in the firm name to find a specific member, or you can use the Selective Seeking feature to filter by investment interests, geographic focus, and targeted investment stage to search our community.

Square Buzz offers you the tools to efficiently search and find other investors who align with your goals and interests.

🔎 Quick Search: When you’re looking for a specific firm, our Quick Search feature is your go-to option. Simply type in the firm’s name, and you can find them in a flash. You have to be registered and logged-in to find individual members that have chosen to display their profiles.

🎯 Selective Seeking: To delve deeper into the world of potential collaborators and investment partners, utilise our Selective Seeking feature. It allows you to filter by various criteria, including investment interests, geographic focus, and targeted investment stage. This means you can tailor your search to discover firms who are actively engaged in areas that match your preferences.
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Additional Membership Levels

The power to find and connect with investors who share your vision and objectives is at your fingertips within the Square Buzz community. Whether you’re looking to join forces for co-investment, share valuable insights, or simply expand your professional network, the platform offers the resources you need to search and find other investors efficiently and effectively. Registered members will be able to search and find other individual members that are actively displaying their profiles. Additional Membership Levels include the Investor Networker and the Opportunity Seeker levels.  Read more about these levels below and here:

Investor Networker

➡️ Ready to embark on your networking journey? Upgrade to become an Investor Networker Member and start searching, connecting, chatting, and scheduling meetings with individual members today!

Access to Expertise: Investors can connect with industry experts, mentors, and other professionals who can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Research and Information: Registered members can share their own research, and events to inform and shape investment decisions.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Investors can find potential partners or co-investors to build profitable collaborations.

Building Relationships: Building your professional network across a diverse group with nonconformist views.

Opportunity Seeker

➡️ Ready to access specific investment opportunities? Upgrade to become an Opportunity Seeker Member , set your preferences and start sourcing optimised opportunities from within and outside our network!

Unlock Exclusive Opportunities: Find and collaborate on exclusive investment opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere.

Diversify Your Investments: Tap into a global pool of opportunities, reduce risk, and enhance geographical diversification.

Collaboration: Secure more diverse opportunities for fruitful collaborations and co-investments.

Pitching Opportunities: Opportunity Seeker members can pitch verified portfolio companies, co-investment ideas and projects to a wider audience.

Optimise Deal Flow: Don’t overlook opportunities for fruitful collaborations and co-investments that could significantly boost your success.

Upgrade to enjoy full access to this information and an array of other exclusive services.

Corporate Capitaliser

The Corporate Capitaliser level at Square Buzz is designed exclusively for companies with ambitious growth aspirations. This premium membership offers an array of opportunities to raise capital and cultivate essential growth partnerships. As a Corporate Capitaliser, you gain access to a vast network of investors actively seeking opportunities to invest in businesses like yours.

Key Benefits at Various Levels

Square Buzz offers several key benefits:

Explorer Members

Industry Insights: Networking with peers and experts in your field provides valuable industry insights and market intelligence, that could help you make informed investment decisions.

Investor Networker

Mentorship and Guidance: Square Buzz seeks to offer mentorship programs that connect you with experienced investors who can provide guidance and share their expertise, helping you avoid common pitfalls and make smarter investment choices. 

Collaborative Partnerships: Square Buzz facilitates connections with potential co-investors, partners, and collaborators, which can lead to mutually beneficial investments and business ventures.

Information Sharing: Square Buzz seeks to provide a space for sharing research, reports, and market trends, which can aid in your investment research and decision-making.

Risk Mitigation: Engaging with a network of investors and experts can help you better assess and mitigate risks associated with various investments. We do not assess members’ risk profiles, and member’s own due diligence is required to ensure any opportunity engaged with suits your investment and risk profile.

Opportunity Seeker

Access to Exclusive Deals: Square Buzz provides access to exclusive investment opportunities that may not be readily available through traditional channels. This can include early-stage startups, private placements, and other unique investments. You can structure your preferences to only see relevant opportunities, while remaining anonymous.

Diverse Investment Options: Square Buzz connects you with a diverse range of investment opportunities across different industries, asset classes, and geographies, allowing you to build a more well-rounded portfolio within private markets (of course these alternative investments have a higher risk profile than other options).

Deal Flow: Square Buzz helps you streamline your deal flow by consolidating investment opportunities in one place, making it easier to manage and track potential investments.

Access to Startup Ecosystem: If you’re interested in startup investments, Square Buzz can connect you with startups seeking funding, enabling you to become an early supporter of promising ventures. 

Geographical Diversification: You can expand your investment portfolio geographically by connecting with investors and opportunities from around the world. 

Overall, we offer a valuable tool for expanding your investment horizons, gaining knowledge, and building a diversified and successful investment portfolio within the private markets segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an institutional investor, or member of an endowment, family office, foundation, or corporate venture capital firm, active in direct investments or direct lending, or even a fund-of-funds active in Direct Investments, you can register and apply to gain Explorer membership access to our exclusive investor network for free (in perpetuity).

Investors can search and find other verified alternative investors (that have agreed to be visible) once they have completed their registration and are approved. Investor Networkers can chat, and schedule meetings with their peers using the platform. Opportunity Seekers can also access curated direct investment opportunities and co-investments as part of our family of alternative investors.

Registered Investor Networker members who have applied to and invested in our monthly or annual subscription options to become an Opportunity Seeker member, and have adjusted their profiles to specify their preferences, can access curated investment opportunities that are specifically matched to their investment profile.

Investors working for institutions, family offices, funds of funds, or endowments and foundations with assets under management $100m+ can join as individual members. HOWEVER, this is NOT an angel network, and while smaller investors will not be considered, we are open to verified professional investors of sufficient standing that can pass our strict background checks.

Square Buzz does not disclose any individual investor contact information. Members can choose to display their profiles publicly, or withdraw from visibility. It’s your choice. Investor Networker members can approach other Investor Networker members  within our system to connect, contact, schedule meetings, and chat… to discuss collaboration in opportunities within similar business stages, or that operates within their chosen sub-industries, areas of focus, and regions, etc.

Explorer level:

Investors can join for free to gain access to individual profiles, and can complete their profiles to disclose their (and their firm’s) sectoral, regional, and other interests to other investor members. They can elect to be searchable in their private capacity, or remain anonymous and benefit from private conversations with peers with which they contact directly.

Investor Networker:
The private search, chat and meeting scheduling options will only be available to investors that have subscribed (once-off subscription, valid for a lifetime, is required) and completed their profile.

Opportunity Seeker:

The ability to access curated investment opportunities are only available to members who have invested in a monthly or annual subscription.

Corporate Capitaliser:

Senior Company representatives, CEOs, CFOs, can join our network to consider capital raising for growth, disposals, or diversification opportunities, or other services, like international payments (offered by our partners).

Initially, we will provide access to opportunities that are sourced from our own network and meet specific screening criteria. Apart from this initial criteria-driven screening, and KYC on the people involved, Square Buzz, and Little Square Capital, our UK-based FCA-regulated parent, will not do additional due diligence on any company, or asset introduced to us via the Square Buzz platform to our members. 

We plan in future to open the platform to introduction of investment ideas by other financial institutions, and from within our network.

At any stage, the onus and responsibility is on investors to do their own due diligence.

This capability is only available to Investor Connector (and Opportunity Seeker) members. The Square Buzz investor network encourages confidential interaction between investors from different firms. We do not track your conversations.

In the Beta phase (until end Dec 2023), our events schedule will show a selection of possible historical events. We anticipate this alternative investor platform will grow its events profile eclectically (both internally hosted and those introduced to us by our members) and offer investors valuable content. We welcome advice and encourage relationship facilitation with key partners and experts across your portfolio companies.

On initiation, our membership network will constitute 23,814 professional investors, from 5,493 investment firms, that are current and future investment leaders from endowments, foundations, single family offices, hedge funds, venture capital firms, corporate venture capital, private equity firms, private credit firms, investment companies, sovereign wealth funds, and other entities believed to actively allocate money to direct investments and direct lending in private markets.

Thank You for Choosing Square Buzz

We appreciate your decision to join our investor networking platform and for taking the time to consider enhancing your profile. Square Buzz is here to empower your investment journey and connect you with valuable opportunities and a thriving community.

Should you have any questions, need assistance, or want to explore further, our support team is ready to help. Feel free to Contact Us at any time.

Thank you for becoming part of our growing network. We look forward to being part of your investment success story!


The Square Buzz Team

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